Ny beta til Apple TV understøttter køb af musik

Apple frigav i går en ny beta af iOS 7 og en beta til Apple TV. 

Apple frigav i går en ny beta til Apple TV.

Apple TV Software 5.4 beta har en række forbedringer, eks. er det nu igen muligt at købe musik i iTunes Store fra Apple TV. Den nye beta af Apple TV Software byder også på en ny mulighed for at konfigurere Apple TV fra iOS-enheder. Systemkravet er at man kører iOS 7 og har Bluetooth 4.0.

Den nye opdatering har også fået understøttelse til flere konti på Netflix.

Se en fuld liste af forbedringer nedenfor.

– Apple TV may not connect to the Internet on first boot after an iTunes Restore when using Ethernet.
– Music playback may skip over tracks when AirPlay is engaged.
– AirPlay of audio from the Music app may fail to start up properly.
– Attempting to delete a station in iTunes Radio may cause Apple TV to crash.
– Switching between Apple IDs may cause music libraries to fail to load.
– Audio volume may increase dramatically during AirPlay.
– When using AirPlay to send music to Apple TV, advancing to the next track may fail.
– You may notice these issues when fast-forwarding 3rd party content:
– Audio continues to play while video is fast-forwarding.
– Resuming playback after fast-forwarding can result in a temporarily stuck video frame.
– Apple TV may become sluggish or unresponsive immediately after signing in to an iTunes Store account.
– iTunes Match or Purchased music content may not be listed alphabetically. Use Search as an alternative for finding content.

Apple ventes at frigives Apple TV Software 5.4 til efteråret sammen med iOS 7.

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